How To Restore and Repair an Old Jewellery Box

When it comes to trinkets and jewellery, some of us have more than we can store, with earrings, necklaces and bracelets being bought for us left right and centre.

Jewellery lovers and loathers alike, ladies are often given jewellery or at least earrings at several points in her life, and unless you frequently change your jewellery, you can sometimes have too much to handle. Therefore, good, strong storage is essential for all your jewellery, or just for your small collection.

Nowadays with so many furniture stores popping up, it is very easy to get a simple £5 jewellery box that does the job…albeit not for very long. Older items of furniture, while worn out, are often more sturdy and lovingly made as they were made by hand. If you manage to get your hands on an antique jewellery box that is in need of a little love, instead of passing it on, why not try to repair and restore it and give it a new lease of life? You might be surprised with the results.

Check the Hinges

When looking at old or worn out furniture, it is important to check whether or not the hinges are in good condition. If not, there are a number of online retailers that stock and supply a wide range of different hinges, so it is a simple choice of ordering a new pair and gently screwing them in. If you are unsure, it is better to be safe than sorry, as you don’t want your jewellery box snapping in half at an inopportune moment and spilling your stuff all over the floor. They are fairly easy to replace

Buff and Polish

Give it a spruce up! Bring back some lustre to the wood! Start off by gently spraying the surface down using a mixture of 10 parts water to 1 part vinegar. Leave it for about 10 minutes, then wipe down with a clean cloth. Next give all sides a little sand down, until the wood is smoother and looks a little less bright. Don’t worry, we’re not finished yet.

Now you want to wax and buff the box. There are a number of products you can buy to revitalise old wood, so just ask at your local hardware store for information. Use a buffing pad to get a good even buff on the box and to finish it off you can always use polish for extra shine, or leave it as it is for a rustic look.

Decking out the Interior

Covering the interior of the box with a nice velvet or similar fabric is a great way of repurposing any box to become a jewellery box, if you bought a different type of box. Old jewellery boxes may already have velvet interiors but these can get worn and faded with time. Simply tear out the old stuff and gently glue down the new. If your box has a slight residue odour, perhaps that musty ‘antique’ smell, you can always pop in a little scented bag filled with lavender or vanilla sprigs, to make it smell fresh and new, where you can make your own or buy them ready made at craft and homeware stores.

Far too many people see an old trinket or item of furniture that has seen better days and simply throw it out with the rubbish. There is a huge market online for beautifully restored vintage boxes and accessories, whether you find a use for it or not. Why get rid of something when it can be restored and put to good use? Enjoy your new old jewellery box!

Article written in conjunction with Quality Ironmongery; a gate furniture specialist based in Doncaster with over 20 years experience in providing metal works for household items.

Featured image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

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