Five Surefire Tips for Helping Your Kids Enjoy Science

Science has a bad reputation among many kids, but it can be fun if you put in some work at home. Here are five surefire ways to get your kids interested in science.

1. Get the right equipment

Science requires a lot of equipment, much of it is very expensive. While it’s not possible to buy everything you need to have a complete laboratory, there are a few key pieces you can purchase to make science a lot more appealing. On the top of that list is a microscope and some slides. is a great resource to assist you in finding the right fit for your home lab. Getting a decent telescope and a few other essential scientific instruments is also a good idea. You may have to lay out a bit, but having nice equipment that will last you many years will keep your kids interested in science as they progress to more and more complex studies.

2. Visit a science museum

Getting your kids excited can be as easy as planning a trip to your local science museum. There are many fields of science, and odds are that your child will find one that sparks his or her interest. Check out upcoming exhibits to make sure your kids will get to see stuff they are interested in and that is age appropriate. Make sure you plan plenty of time as kids will want to linger unpredictably at favorite exhibits.

3. Learn the lingo

It’s difficult to communicate in any language if you don’t know the lingo. Science has a language all its own, and if you desire to encourage your kids to pursue studying science, it’s in your best language to learn as well. This can be as simple as becoming familiar with the metric system and as complex as learning the inter-working of the various systems in the human body.

4. Do experiments

While experiments are only a part of science, they are definitely the most fun. Do research online to look for experiments that are possible to do at home with kids your kids’ ages. Include your kids in all of the preparation, learn the major concepts before-hand, then do the experiment. Kids who may struggle with traditional learning methods will often do well recalling and explaining the concept behind the experiment due to different areas of the brain being reached through experimentation versus straight reading or book-work.

5. Research science careers

There are many incredible careers that have basic science fundamentals. In order to encourage your kids to get involved in science at whatever level they are currently at, research science careers that they may be interested in or have an aptitude for. There are so many options these days, and with the internet it is easy to find many different and interesting science based career options.

The world is in desperate need of good scientists, and you can help your child prepare to meet the scientific challenges of the future by instilling a love of science in them today. You don’t have to be a whiz yourself to encourage this love. By applying some of these ideas and others, you’ll be able to have the positive impact you desire.

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