How To Plan The Perfect Children’s Party

At first you may think that a children’s party is quick and easy to organise. After all, the little ones are easily pleased are they not? Think again; children become socially aware at a young age thanks to the constant bombardment of advertisers and social networks. (There are age limits for using them you know). They are judged by their peers and will live with the consequences of a poorly organised party for a long time.

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It is best to plan the party early because there is much to do. Use the same techniques to arrange for the children as you would for a sophisticated gathering of your own. Here are some things to which you must attend.

Is There A Theme?

In the image, the bags of treats are obviously made for a Halloween party. If you are giving a theme to your child’s party, make sure that it runs through every step you take. Read on to see places where you must apply it.

Personalised Invitations

Make high quality invites that guests’ will want to keep. Use a computer, printer, beads, sequins, and hot melt glue, to create invitations that will be legendary in their social circles. Remember the theme when making the invitations. You could include balloon pictures for birthdays or spiders and cobwebs for all hallow’s eve.

Party Food

You may have read articles that encourage you to feed the children with jam sandwiches and chocolate fingers. Do that at the peril of your child’s social standing. Food is a vital part of the occasion, and it should be top quality. The food doesn’t have to be expensive. Salmon, egg mayonnaise, and ham sandwiches always go down well with children, but remember to cut them into triangles and remove the crusts.

Make the cake yourself or pay someone to make and personalise one for your kids. Most of them prefer sponge to fruitcake, but the latter will impress the parents of the guests when they take some home. Remember to apply the theme, if appropriate,  when preparing food.


Traditional party games get the occasion off to a good start but follow them up with a professional entertainer of some kind. You will find clowns, who have fun and make balloon animals, in the telephone directory, but try to be a little more imaginative. How about a caricature artist, or a magician? They always go down well at parties. If you have room for a bouncy castle, it is a brilliant way to use up the last of your guest’s energy. Have a first aid kit on hand because someone always suffers a minor injury.

Home Time

Parents try to beat each other with the quality of the party bags the children take home. Outdo them all by including a gift for each child. Maybe a wristwatch or a necklace; nothing costing more than fifty pounds though, there is no need to go overboard.

When they next meet at school or nursery, your child will be able to walk tall in the knowledge that their party was a success. All the other parents will be quaking in their boots now that you have set the bar so high. It is their turn next, so sit back with a self-satisfied grin and enjoy watching them sweat. Mission accomplished!

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