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10 Ways to Save Money on Local Travel and Commuting

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Whether it’s work or pleasure, getting from A to B is the one of the more regular things we have to do, or rather, in today’s road traffic, try to do! The cost of fuel, the price of tickets and the number of road users seems to increase every day. But what if we could reduce that burden?

A few simple alternatives, a re-think or just plain acknowledgement that we really should change our behaviour will do just that.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is like your cost-effective travel buddy. Buses, trams, and trains not only save you money but also take the stress out of driving. Check out the local schedules, and you might discover discounted passes for a smooth and budget-friendly commute.

Several U.S. cities have discount cards or passes for public transportation. However, specific programs and offerings can change, so it’s recommended to check the latest information from the respective transit agencies or city websites. Here are a few examples:

Keep in mind that while these cards are typically used for paying fares, they might not always be specifically designed for discounts. However, you can often snag discounts through cool promotions, special programs for specific groups, or by using certain payment methods.


Carpooling is like a road trip with your pals every day. Connect with nearby colleagues or friends, and you’ll not only share fuel costs but also enjoy a more enjoyable commute. Set up a schedule that suits everyone, and watch your savings grow while reducing your carbon footprint.

Discovering carpooling options in various areas of the United States is quite straightforward. Here are a few options to help you:

Ridesharing Apps

  • Uber: Uber offers a carpooling option called UberX Share in some cities. You can check the Uber app to see if this feature is available in your desired location.
  • Lyft: Lyft also provides a carpooling service called Lyft Line. Check the Lyft app for information on carpooling availability in your chosen area.

Carpooling Platforms

  • CarpoolWorld: Websites like CarpoolWorld connect people looking for carpooling options. You can visit their website, enter your location details, and find potential carpool partners.
  • Commute with Enterprise: Enterprise offers a ridesharing program that connects individuals traveling in the same direction. You can explore their website for more information.

Community Forums and Social Media

  • Join local community forums or social media groups related to transportation, commuting, or local interests. Members often share information about carpooling opportunities.

Employer Programs

  • Inquire with your employer about any carpooling initiatives or programs they might have. Some companies facilitate carpooling among employees.

University and College Resources

  • If you’re associated with a university or college, check for carpooling programs on campus. Many educational institutions encourage sustainable transportation options.

Local Transportation Apps

  • Some cities have their own transportation apps that include carpooling options. Check the app store or local transit authority websites for information on available services.

Biking or Walking

Picture this: a refreshing stroll or a breezy bike ride as your daily commute. It’s not just about saving money; it’s a win for your health and the environment. Invest in a reliable bike, grab your comfy walking shoes, and explore the joy of embracing a greener and more active lifestyle.

Car Maintenance

Think of car maintenance as giving your vehicle a spa day. Regular check-ups, tire inspections, and oil changes keep your car running smoothly. Well-maintained cars not only save you money on unexpected repairs but also boost fuel efficiency, making each journey a pocket-friendly adventure.

Fuel Efficiency

Driving smart is like being a wizard on the road. Smooth accelerations, steady cruising with cruise control, and avoiding sudden stops are your fuel-saving spells. Embrace these habits, and your car will thank you with better mileage, leaving you with more money in your wallet.

Discount Cards and Apps

Enter the world of discounts with just a tap. Local transportation discount cards and handy apps are your secret weapons for saving on rideshares and public transportation. It’s like having a coupon for every trip, ensuring you get the best deals on your daily commute.

Flexible Working Hours

Imagine a work schedule that dances to your rhythm. Discuss flexible working hours with your employer, and you’ll find yourself avoiding the rush-hour chaos. Not only does this save you time and stress, but it also puts you in the driver’s seat of your own schedule, making work-life balance a breeze.


Telecommuting is the superhero move for saving on travel costs. Working from home not only trims your commuting expenses but also adds flexibility to your routine. Picture yourself in comfy attire, sipping coffee, and still being as productive as ever – all while sparing your wallet from daily transportation expenses.

Compare Transportation Options

Consider this as your cost-conscious shopping spree for transportation. Before hopping into your car, weigh the costs. Sometimes, a combination of public transportation and a bit of walking might be the golden ticket to cost-effective travel. Compare your options, and you might find a more budget-friendly and efficient way to get around.

Shop Local

Welcome to the neighborhood! Shopping locally not only supports your community but also saves you from long-distance travel expenses. Consider local markets and stores for your daily needs, and you’ll discover a treasure trove of cost-effective options right in your backyard. It’s like discovering the joy of both saving and contributing to your local economy.

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