Video Usage

On this page EverydayHowTo would like to clarify how it uses videos from websites such as YouTube etc.

When a video is uploaded to YouTube and other video sharing websites the person uploading the video can decide whether or not an embed code should be displayed on the web page containing the video.

If the embed code is allowed, then other people can copy that code and paste it into any other website. If the embed code is disabled then the video can only be viewed on the website to which it has been uploaded.

Our policy is to publish any video which has an embed code as we consider the creator of the video is giving other publishers permission to do so by allowing the embed code to be made available alongside the original video.

Our policy is also to credit the creator of any video we use by publishing (in link format) further contact details for the video creator. These details may include some or all of the following:

  • YouTube or similar channel page
  • Website or blog address
  • Twitter account
  • Any other web location made available

We consider this to be fair use and like to think we are providing our readers with valuable, informative and interesting material whilst also offering free publicity for the people creating the material we use.

If we are using material you have created and you are unhappy about this, please contact us and we will immediately remove the content.

Please use the following email address for any removal requests : remove @